What No One Told Me about Chronic Pain

The pain is the easiest part.

In my mid-20s, I consulted an orthopedist when my wrists started to feel warm after typing. He recommended ice packs and ibuprofen. In a thick Brooklyn accent, he asked, “You wanna take a couple days offa work?”

The couple days stretched into months, and then years. Though neither of us knew it, this was the beginning of a chronic illness, and his prescription for Advil seems almost quaint to me now.

The pain spread from my fingertips to my neck, and I couldn’t press a button or hold a piece of paper because of near constant throbbing. Seven years and $30,000 later, I have visited nearly 30 doctors, applied to the Mayo Clinic, and yet I still can’t use my keyboard.

I never did go back to an office…

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