When you’re not feeling well, whether it’s an acute sickness or chronic condition, how do you know when it’s time to get out of bed, part with the sweatpants, and return to the hive?

What’s the difference between resting, healing, and avoiding the demands and responsibilities of life?

Also, how much Game of Thrones is too much?

These are the questions that have been circulating in my mind over the last week and a half as I’ve been recovering from a surgery (I’m doing really well).

I was given some fairly concrete prohibitions by the surgeon: no heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, or horseback riding (huge inconvenience). But given that I’m only gently putting my hands on people in my occupation, not tossing sandbags in the back of a truck, when should I return to my full load and schedule? Am I less of a “go-getter” if I heed this lingering exhaustion and delay my return?

This short video is how I’ve interpreted my surgeon’s post-operative advice to “listen to my body” – you’d think this would come more naturally to me. I hope it’s helpful to you when you’re not feeling well and trying to balance between a need for productivity and compassion.

Sincerely in sweatpants,

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