Do you suffer from eyestrain and tension headaches?

Would you like to learn a simple method for relaxing your vision and stimulating your natural posture? Would you like that advice in less than the time it took Lincoln to say the Gettysburg address?

If so, click the video above and learn how you can take a big step towards decreasing overall tension in your face and head. This is a vitally important topic given how many hours a day we are all now looking at screens, many of which are getting smaller.


This is the fourth video in my 10 part series where I answer questions from viewers and students. Please feel free to post your question, or your experience, in the comments below.

Disclaimer: You may be disappointed to know that this video, at three minutes, is slightly longer than Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Or, instead of disappointed, you may be supremely impressed, as I was, that Lincoln could speak about honoring the ideals of freedom and repairing the nation in less than the time it takes me to talk about eyestrain and computers.

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