In this third video in a 10 part series, I answer the question of how meditation has changed my healing process. One clear example is the (everyday) phenomenon of “catastrophizing.” This is when we take an uncertain situation – for instance, some pain, injury, or emotional crisis – and we imagine everything getting much worse, like a runaway train. By the end of the daydream (it could all take place in 10 seconds in our mind), we feel drained of hope and are tense with fear.

Meditation helps cut catastrophizing thinking before it takes over. Mindfulness is just returning to the body in the present moment over and over again. Each time we do is like a bit of medicine for our worrying, anxious mind. We remember that we don’t have to – and we can’t – solve this problem right now in its entirety. This establishes the proper attitude of healing which is an incremental process, not an all or nothing scramble.

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