The Ultimate Example of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: My Career

I was recently interviewed on The Career Passport podcast, which is funny since I came into my career with the same trajectory as a Plinko ball. Falling, falling, I seem to be headed towards early retirement in my mom’s basement after health crisis in my mid-20s left me disabled and in chronic pain.Those dramatic events, and my perspective on them years later,  is the subject of my interview with the podcast host, and my friend, Jill Ozovek, “The Ultimate Example of Turning Lemons into Lemonade. ”

Jill and I talked about the healing mindset and its relevance to navigating one’s career. For instance, it’s easy to think everyone else has a better plan or more control over their body and feelings. And it’s this search for control and a sense of permanent stability that ratchets up our tension and anxiety.  As I said in the interview, “Having it all figured out is a bedtime story we tell ourselves.”

It’s important to remember that healing is a mindset rather than an achievement. Also instructive for many of the driven individuals that Jill and I work with: we shouldn’t postpone self-care until we reach some milestone, or “feel we deserve it.”

I joked with Jill how “I failed my way into my career.” There was a layoff about a decade ago, years of disability and limited employment, and in the last several years, the recognition that I couldn’t – and didn’t want to – teach the Alexander Technique in the way that I was taught. I had to innovate. Seeing how myself and others got stuck around the idea of trying to “be better,” I realized I had to broaden my approach and include the insights from meditation traditions on how to cultivate kindness and wisdom in the healing process.

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The Career Passport

My friend, Jill Ozovek, has created an interesting business around the idea that, “There is no perfect job.” Through The Career Passport, Jill teaches retreats and has developed an in-person and online curriculum for women who feel stuck in their job and-or career.

Jill has also helped me to move my business forward, discern the maximum impact priorities and shed the rest, and develop a more sustainable work and life balance.

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