Dan Cayer is a brilliant teacher — compassionate and intuitive, with his own history of working through pain — and a stealth philosopher. Studying the Alexander Technique with him has improved my posture and coordination, reduced my anxiety, and eradicated a host of chronic health problems. Best of all, it’s taught me how to show up much more fully for my life and my creative work.- Maud Newton, Writer
Dan is an amazing teacher who incorporates the Alexander Technique into the Art of Swimming… I feel comfortable in the water for the first time.- Dr. Jack Stern, Neurosurgeon
Dan Cayer is a born teacher. In class, I felt as if I was being let in on a secret, wonderful approach to swimming. Before taking his class, I was always somewhat uncomfortable swimming. After five half-hour lessons, I have completely reprogrammed my front crawl to allow my body to flow easily within the water.- Rachel O., Artist NYC
Dan is a gifted and effective teacher. He has been teaching swimming to both me, a middle-aged man who’d never managed to learn before, and my daughter, a seven-year-old just beginning her aquatic career. By breaking down each stroke into a series of smaller movements and focusing on relaxation in the water, Dan demystifies swimming and builds the student’s confidence.- Daniel J., Copywriter
I use the ideas that I learned from Dan in my everyday life and I highly recommend people to work with Dan who want to improve their well-being.- Molly W., Spanish Language Client Relations Manager