Mindfulness of Technology: How to Stay Afloat in a Sea of Notifications

Simplicity is a highly valued aspect of smart phone and app design. The less buttons and choices showing, the better the “user experience.” Yet, for all of the simplicity and beauty in the design around technology, why do our minds feel muddled and our bodies contorted after staring at the screen?

As an antidote to unhealthy habits around technology, there are some, you guessed it, apps meant to help. A software like RSIGuard, for instance, helps remind you to take breaks and do small stretches while working. The most sensitive app, however, and the one that holds the most promise of helping us stay sane and balanced while using a screen, is, of course, our own mind and body. Long before we completely frazzle or scrunch our neck, we receive advice from our body to move, take a break, or expand our field of awareness past just the small screen.

We didn’t necessarily evolve to use an iPhone with poise or mindfulness. We have to learn it, learn the boundaries and the balance to keep us healthy and sane. We should be able to work with focus when we want to and then relax and recharge, no pun intended, when we’re done. Mindfulness of technology truly is a challenging enterprise.

Join me next Wednesday evening (2/25) at Yogasana for a one-time workshop on “Mindfulness in the Digital Age.” I’ll be offering a three step process for how to stay balanced and thoughtful even while staring at the screen. You can learn to use your mind and body like a compass so you don’t search Google image for too many notifications become lost in a sea of notifications. This will help you feel better at the end of each day and also make better decisions while working at the phone or computer.

Hope to see you there.

Also, this Sunday at the Park Slope Food Coop, I’ll be teaching a free demonstration on Mindfulness & the Alexander Technique. Come for the hummus, stay for the healing. (https://dancayerfluidmovement.com//workshop/mindfulness-alexander-technique-process-becoming-unstuck/)

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