Posture, Eating, and the Stars of Downton Abbey

I was recently interviewed by the website about the relationship between posture and healthy eating. Our conversation quickly turned to the British sensation, Downton Abbey (yes, I have watched many episodes…). Here’s an excerpt:

“The teasers are out, but you’ve still got five months before season five of Downton Abbey airs. In the meantime, here’s a way to make your obsession with the show a lot more productive: Eat like a Crawley.

“Just watch how any of the ‘upstairs’ family at Downton Abbey eats or drinks tea: with a regal uprightness that preserves their stature,” says Dan Cayer, a teacher of the Alexander Technique and owner of Fluid Movement NYC, where he coaches clients in nonsurgical pain management. Cayer points out that they sit up and daintily raise teacup, fork or spoon to their lips. Then there’s the rest of us, hunched over table (or desk), bringing face to fork just over the plate, as though in fear that the food might escape if we don’t get to it in time.

There are two problems with this slump-and-shovel technique. Well, three, if you count looking like a savage…

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