Would You Benefit from Learning at Home?

  • Do you feel left out of life’s activities because of pain?
  • Does pain keep you from earning money or being productive?
  • Do you feel frequently distracted by actual pain or the threat of future discomfort?
  • Do you feel as if the familiar approaches to your problem are not quite working?
  • Are you frustrated, perhaps even ashamed, that you haven’t gotten better yet?
  • Would you be interested in healing your body at the same time as finding a more balanced state of mind?

I teach people to regain balance and well-being by learning to remove tension and allow the body to return to its natural ease. Tapping into the body’s natural wisdom, people find they can reduce stress and pain, and be more productive with less effort. You’ll gain the knowledge to use your body as it was designed, and unlearn habits that keep you stiff and living up in your head.

I developed this unique curriculum after helping hundreds of individuals to achieve their wellness goals. These five 30 minute Skype sessions are perfect for individuals:

  • Who are unable or have difficulty leaving their home.
  • Who are still in an acute phase of their injury or condition, whereas travel is prohibitive.
  • Who cannot reach my office for an in-person session during their work hours.
  • Who do not live near New York City.

These Skype sessions allow us to diagnose what’s not working for you, learn foundational wellness skills, and create a plan for growth. The Skype interface, which is technologically quite simple to use, provides me with visual insight into postural issues and body habits you may be dealing with.

This Skype curriculum, at $200, is an easy entry into learning how to live in your body with the ease and vitality you always wanted. Schedule your first session right here.

Have more questions? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to tell me more about yourself, and I can explain what to expect from from the five sessions.

Dan Cayer Teaches Alexander Technique in New York City

Dan Cayer teaches Alexander Technique.

I use the ideas that I learned from Dan in my everyday life and I highly recommend people to work with Dan who want to improve their well-being.

Molly W., Spanish Language Client Relations Manager

Can Alexander Technique Help You?

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