New November Retreat! Unconditional Health and Fearlessness in Uncertain Times.

This November I’m teaming up with Jeff Rubin, founder of Unconditional Healing and a longtime friend and mentor, to offer a brand-new retreat – Unconditional Healing: Holding Sacred View During Uncertain Times.

Uncertainty is a condition of life – our health, career, politics, and relationships have no script to follow and no guarantees. Sometimes, as with an illness or layoff, we receive a major unsettling dose of risk. Stress and fear can cause us to either tune out (i.e. crawl into my phone) or burnout (‘I can’t even deal…’).

Jeff and I have created a weekend that brings the traditional teachings of meditation and Buddhism with the body wisdom of the Alexander Technique to explore how we can better support ourselves, and even thrive, during shakeups in our life. Change is constant. If we tend to live in our head, the ceaseless change is painful and overwhelming. But if we learn how to be grounded, compassionate, and trust ourselves, we see that adversity is how we actually grow stronger, wiser, and kinder. Challenge is the element through which we can wake up to what’s most important and cut through our neuroses.

In our own ways, Jeff and I have applied these principles to huge changes in our life – navigating illness, disability, parenting, intimate relationships, and career. The point is not that we’ve solved it all, but that when we come together and shed our isolating tendencies, we see that connection is what renews us.

This retreat, held at the sublime Holy Cross Monastery on the banks of the Hudson River, starts the evening of Friday, November 1 and concludes on Sunday, November 3. Jeff and I welcome anyone who wants to explore the principles and practices of Unconditional Healing. We would additionally like to invite caregivers and partners of those dealing with adversity. Too often caregivers, who invariably shoulder their burden in isolation, aren’t afforded the opportunity to express their feelings, practice self-care, and include themselves on a path of healing and self-acceptance. We recognize that caregivers are inextricably linked to the individuals under their care and are subject to the same difficulties, anxieties, and risk of burnout.

To learn more and register, click here.

These retreats have been so nourishing and represent a manifestation of the work and life experience of Jeff and I. I hope you (and a close friend/caregiver/partner) can join. There is a discounted rate for partners or those willing to share a room.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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