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What’s possible when the body and mind are brought into balance? This was the subject of my recent interview with Ethan Nichtern, Buddhist teacher and author, on his podcast The Road Home. Nichtern is a keen cultural critic who has been interviewed about the relevance of Buddhism on CNN, NPR, and in The New York Times.

Our conversation was wide ranging and explored:

  • What are the cultural factors that cause us to become out of touch with our own bodies? And how does that carry over into meditation and our approach to spirituality?
  • How does our desire to make our lives better sometimes become counterproductive? (One of the themes of my forthcoming book.)
  • The negative bias our culture holds towards those who are experiencing pain or disabled.
  • The tendency toward self-blame and the loss of agency that comes when our bodies disobey our wishes.

I’m honored to be interviewed on The Road Homepodcast with such diverse teachers, writers, and thinkers. Ethan is also a great teacher– check him out.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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