Cultivating a Healing Mindset

Cultivating a Healing Mindset

Posted by The Interdependence Project on Monday, January 21, 2019


“Be positive.”
“Hang in there.”
“Don’t worry.”

In the pantheon of well-intentioned but lame advice, ill people have borne the brunt of it. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, stress, or just feeling out of sorts, the underlying message from others tends to be that you aren’t trying hard enough. If only you were more disciplined, rational, or grateful, life would be better.

This can lead to an attitude that something is deeply wrong with us – perhaps that’s caused our predicament? The ancient teachings of Buddhism however point us towards a different understanding of our selves. In this Facebook livestream, you’ll learn what it means to cultivate a true healing mindset.

A healing mindset is:
• present and powerful
• full of compassion
• ready for laughter
• not based on fear or shame
• generous to others
• inspirational to those around you

This livestream is taught by IDP teacher, Dan Cayer, whose experience with chronic pain inspired him to help others see their situation as workable and potentially transformative. Dan is a trained meditation instructor and Alexander Technique teacher who has also written a book on the pitfalls and profundities of major events like pain and illness: Don’t Get Better: The Secret of a Healing Mindset.

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