You must have at some point in your life seen a swimmer who moves fluidly and without resistance through the water. The idea of moving easily in water intrigues you, but there seems to be a limit in your progress. Maybe you are an advanced swimmer but your workouts seem repetitive and lifeless. Perhaps you never learned how to swim, or were unlucky enough to have a traumatic experience in water early in your life.

I teach an individualized approach to swimming based on making friends with the water, healthy alignment, and easeful breathing. I'm a former collegiate water polo player who after a serious injury in my mid-20s, could not swim more than a lap or two because of pain. I had to re-teach myself how to swim using the Alexander Technique with a minimum amount of extra strain or inefficiency. I am happy to report that I'm again able to swim long distances, now with a quality of fluidity, presence, and joy that had eluded me for years.

I don't just talk from the pool deck. I value hands-on instruction and teach a step-by-step approach to learning the strokes that is fun and in-depth. There's an art to it, and that's what will keep you coming back to the water for the rest of your life.

Dan Cayer, Art of Swimming, New York, NY

Preparing student for smooth breathing.

Dan Cayer, Art of Swimming, New York City

Teaching the front crawl at a workshop in Las Vegas.

“Dan is an amazing teacher who incorporates the Alexander Technique into the Art of Swimming. I feel comfortable in the water for the first time.”

Dr. Jack Stern, Neurosurgeon

What Is the Shaw Method of Swimming?

My teaching is drawn from the Shaw Method which integrates the Alexander Technique and swimming in a creative way. The quality of the experience is paramount. Students learn to direct themselves in the most efficient and easeful way through the water, discovering surprising power and grace. A short video below shows the technique in action.

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