I teach a systematized approach for improving coordination, balance, and vitality that has been taught for over 100 years and is currently required curriculum at institutions like Julliard. I've integrated the Alexander Technique with my personal experience recovering from a life-changing injury. For almost 2 years, I could not hold a book because of pain. I lived on the floor amidst ice packs and pain relievers. I don't just teach to the injury or problem issue, I include the whole person. I take the medically proven approach of the Alexander Technique and give you a chance to undo a lifetime of tension, years of pain, and live with less stress and more ease. It's a less expensive solution than years of massages and physical therapy, etc. I teach you to become a student of your own body, so that you can move forward in your healing process without me in the room. You'll learn the skills to stop contributing to your pain or performance cycles. You will be embarking on a satisfying mind-body journey.

I focus on three main areas:

Dan Cayer Teaches Alexander Technique in New York City

Dan Cayer teaches Alexander Technique.

I use the ideas that I learned from Dan in my everyday life and I highly recommend people to work with Dan who want to improve their well-being.

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