Anxiety Generates an Endless To-Do List. Don’t Listen to It.
Embedded within everyday anxiety is the hope that if we could only complete the remaining tasks on our to-do lists, then we could rest in an aura of accomplishment and contentment. Anxiety creates its own logic: we should maximize all our moments with doing or thinking about doing. I know it’s hard for me to relax when I think about my swollen email inbox. Email has a field day with my adrenal glands.

While we know that meditation and self-care ultimately may be good for our productivity and happiness, choosing them in the moment often feels illogical and doubt-ridden. What about everything else that’s unfinished?

Not everything that feels urgent is important. That’s the trick of stress.

The seduction of being constantly productive must be resisted so that we can also progress on whatever “lesser” regarded path is important to us: parenting, art, spirituality, health, etc.

That’s why I signed up for a 9 day meditation retreat here in NYC this summer. I’m also planning a number of workshops and retreats this summer which you can learn about below. Lastly, for all you South Brooklyners (!), I’m starting a twice monthly meditation group in Windsor Terrace which is open to anyone. It’s an opportunity to practice meditation with neighbors in a friendly setting. If you’re interested, please email me for details.

The Path of Well-Being

Discover a sense of peace and ease which doesn’t depend on eradicating pain or creating a perfect life. Experienced teachers Dan and Kim will guide you in a unique blend of embodiment practices, lovingkindness meditation, and discussion to transform experiences of suffering and stress into openness and self-acceptance. Learn to approach your life with kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

3 Weekends in a Row (6/15-16, 6/22-23, 6/29-30), Friday Night 7-9 PM, Saturday, 10 AM-4 PM. Register here.

Your Body Is Your Practice
In this ongoing monthly workshop, we will explore what it means to establish a spiritual and mindfulness practice with the body as a central element.  How can we care for our body without trying to micromanage or endlessly perfect it?  How much discomfort is okay? Can we learn to receive our body’s wisdom?

This three-hour workshop will incorporate meditation practice, awareness of emotions, and skills drawn from the Alexander Technique.

Sunday, June 24 2-5 PM. Register here.

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