Alexander Technique lessons in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Long a source of fresh pasta and biscotti, Carroll Gardens also has the Alexander Technique at a beautiful facility – Element Natural Healing Arts.

I teach weekly lessons there. Here’s my interview with Element about how I got into the Alexander Technique and what to expect from a session.


Q: What makes your practice satisfying/fulfilling for you? What is the most misunderstood aspect of what you do?

A: It’s hugely satisfying when students realize that they don’t need to reject themselves or try to be perfect in order to tap into their natural uprightness and vitality. My teaching embodies the idea that well-being is inherently within us and we just need to connect to it. The opposite idea of this is the most misunderstood thing about the Alexander Technique – that teachers are posture police and that I’m going to smack your back with a ruler if you slump (I don’t even own a ruler!). The other misconception is that posture is just sitting or standing up straight. Well, that would be a boring profession!

Posture is a much more sophisticated and interesting pursuit – the original meaning of the word includes our emotional attitude. How we carry ourselves in our bodies not only expresses what’s going on in our minds, but it allows our physical habits to actually reinforce and influence our habits of thinking and feeling.

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