Today, I’m heading to Chicago for a very long acronym (the Annual Conference and General Meeting of the American Society for the Alexander Technique). At this year’s conference, I’ll be teaching and attending workshops, as well as getting together with several hundred teachers from North America at Roosevelt University. Did I mention I’ll be sleeping in a dorm (!)? Time to dust off the shower sandals from from mom’s attic…

To give you a sense of the how widely the Alexander Technique is applied, here are some of the workshops offered:

the Art of Running, Chi Gong and the Alexander Technique, Addressing Attachment Trauma with the Alexander Technique, plus workshops for dancers, singers, actors, and a case study from a teacher who helps patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

 The teachers for these workshops are trained Alexander teachers, which means they spent 3 years and 1600 hrs. in a training course, like myself. Each of them has also applied their knowledge of the Alexander Technique to better facilitate the sport, art form, or condition they are working with. You see, the Alexander Technique is meant to be applied to activity. You don’t lock yourself up in a room and practice the Alexander Technique.

Instead, you do what you love or what you need to do for your job but bring the insights of your Alexander lessons into those activities. When are you triggering your back pain, where are you bringing less than your whole self to the task at hand? Being more embodied, more aware of how your body functions best and more friendly to oneself, can help whatever you’re doing.

I’ll be posting several blogs coming up with unusual applications of the Alexander Technique from walking a fashion runway to kung fu. Stay tuned.

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