I first came up with the name Fluid Movement as a way of connecting the work I do in the pool with the work I do on land. That’s true; but I’ve also come to see Fluid Movement as something more. It’s about not getting stuck when adversity strikes, whether it is a repetitive stress injury or overwhelming levels of stress. Learning how to not fixate on the problem, but rather move through it in a way that energizes both body and mind.

When we run into a BIG problem, like the life-changing injury I faced in my mid-20s, often we scramble for a modality that will whisk us out of our desperate situation. After years of living with chronic pain, I began to ask whether this frantic search could be worsening my condition. Here’s an example: the more I sought to get away from chronic pain by forcing myself to stretch my forearms or engage my core, the more I began to see my life as primarily a struggle to either avoid or get out of pain. I felt like a scared animal. And perhaps more insidiously, by positing that my pain was a problem to solve, I tended to blame myself for not being able to figure out how to stop it.

If you are a person suffering with chronic pain, your condition is likely at the center of how you make daily decisions: whether you can work out, go out, take a vacation. It’s easy to feel stuck, expecting that you will be yourself again once the pain is over.

It’s been my experience that in the meantime, you really discover who you are. Since it’s not always possible to skip ahead to the cure, I make sure that I teach how to learn from and make the most of “the meantime.”

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